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How To Make All Links Appear in a New Tab

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This request to make all hyperlinks pops up every now and then so might as well make a post for it. To make all linksopen in new window is amazingly simple. Just sign into 
to open template editor

Use keyboard shortcut ctrl+F to find <head> and immediately after that, add a single line <base target='_blank' /> so that it become

<base target='_blank' />

Save the edited template and viola, all links in your blog will now open in new tabs or windows.

Note: Blogger is now XHTML so all tags must have matching closing tags or be self closing. The above tag is self closing because it has that forward slash / at the end of the tag.

Note 2: Just wondering if adding a note for frequent visitors to set browser to open in new tabs rather than new windows will reduce the number of visitors having an unmanageable numbers of new windows opened. Do leave your opinions in the comments below:

Note 3: Some bloggers may prefer some links not to open in new window/tab but to open in the same window, Nute gave this tip to add the attribute target="_self" for those links you want to open in the same window/tab. 

I have tested his tip at Safety Tips and Tricks (see Blogger Resources in the second right sidebar). His tip work correctly if the first and third link ("original Blogger Tips and Tricks" and "Blogger Book" opens in new window without the need to add target="_blank" and the second (Blogger for Dummies) opens in the same window by adding target="_self"

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