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5 ways to make a good blog

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How to Make a Nice Blog.Forget the paper and pen, start a web journal or blog.You don't have to write your deepest thoughts in a paper journal with a pen anymore. Now, create an online blog, short for weblog. Blogs are created for many reasons by different types of people. Personal journals are a favorite trend. Businesses create blogs to talk about their products and people start blogs to gain support for an issue they are passionate about, such as health care or parenting. Anyone can make a blog---it's free. Liven up your blog by adding pictures or links to your favorite websites. Tell your friends about your blog or create a blog just for yourself.

  1. Access a blogging website, such as Blogger, Wordpress or Livejournal.
  2. Decide on a username and password to be able to access your blog.
  3. Add music, pictures or RSS feeds to your blog. RSS feeds allow users to sign up to receive a message with the latest blog update. This will be different for each blog site, so check the "How Tos" of your blogging site to find out how to add these assets to your blog.
  4. Pick a picture that will adorn your blog and your blog's name. It can be the name of your business, a funny phrase, or the reason you are writing your blog. Get creative with your blog name. Song or poetry lyrics make an interesting blog name.
  5. Personalize your blog by choosing the color scheme and template. Most blog sites have options you can choose from to create the design of your blog. Pick fonts, colors and the format for your blog entries. You can choose to have your entries available to anyone that visits your blog or restrict access to your personal parameters. [ ehow ]

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