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Total eclipse of the Moon 2011

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Subhanallah so its power of God. . 

Full lunar eclipse that occurred on Thursday (16 / 6) in Indonesia this morning. Is a full lunar eclipse that its uniqueness is more than the previous ones, since the natural events that will be witnessed in Indonesia evenly throughout the region and perhaps throughout the world. 

Events lunar eclipse on 16 June was the first total lunar eclipse in the year 2011. And the second total lunar eclipse is predicted to occur on 10 December. "The total this year will be six eclipses
"Said astronomer Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Moedji Raharto. 

Two of the six total lunar eclipse the eclipse is total, while four others were partially eclipse the sun. Events of the first and second solar eclipse had occurred each January 4 and June 1, but unfortunately these events can not be seen in Indonesia, as well as the solar eclipse on 1 July and 25 November 2011. 

According Moedji, later event is a unique event because the moon entering the umbra of the earth is simply not the glare from the sun than the Earth are deflected. He predicts there will be colorful in the umbra which is an indicator of the dependents of dust aerosols in Earth's sky. "It is very unique because of frequent rains at this time, although it should enter the dry season," he said 

Moedji high lunar eclipse later stated the average is 45 degrees. Especially for eastern Indonesia, such as Jayapura, it seems high only 20 degrees. 

Umbral eclipse phenomenon going on since at 1:22 pm until 5:03 pm. However, a total lunar eclipse only lasts for 1 hour 41 minutes, namely from 02.2 am until 4:03 o'clock pm. Peak total lunar eclipse took place at 3:13 pm, when the position of the center circle the moon is close to the cone axis Umbra. 

With the occurrence of this event so hopefully the more we solidify his power of God. And can be a reflection for all of us that God is the One who can do apaun the preferred. God is great above all his power

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