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Android threatened Virus DDLight

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Attacks of malicious programs (malware) on the Android operating system re-detected. This variant is named DroidDream Light (DDLight) which is an evolution of previous versions, Myournet / DroidDream. 

Analysts pointed out malware malware writers are developing a new variant of DDLight. DDLight to attack its own Android is reported to have infected more than 50 apps in the Android market. 

According to ESET DDLight security company, the analysts considered a mild version of the previous version. But in fact, capable of resulting in higher damage, especially dangerous because the application does not require a human role or user to perform manually start the application so that the trojan could work. 

Instead, the code on the smartphone tersetting to start when the smartphone device to receive phone calls. 

"DroidDreamLight will then install additional applications to a new device into. Furthermore, malicious applications will be integrated so as to conduct criminal activities, such as data theft," the Eset. 

The security situation is a mobile communications device is currently rated Eset still open, without adequate safety systems. This should be alert, remembering that the perpetrators of cybercrime are developing a device to carry out attacks. 

"If the offender has begun to focus on mobile devices with an OS that has been attacked, such as the Windows platform, then when that mobile malware and phishing will reach epidemic levels," the Eset, in his statement on Tuesday (21/06 / 2011). detik.net

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